Eye Hospital and Eye Institute provide oppertunity to become Ophthalmic Technician, pediatric ophthlamologist and squint specialist, Orbit and Oculoplastic Surgeon.


"EYE DONATION" Let it be your family tradition !

Facts about Blindness:

More than 10 million Indians are blind. A majority of them are blind due to cataract. Fortunately, the vision of a cataract blind person can be restored through a simple surgical technique using artificial lenses.

Over 2 million Indians are affected by corneal blindness - 60% of them are below the age of 12. A corneally blind person's sight can only be restored when his/her damaged cornea is replaced by a healthy cornea that is received from a deceased donor.


Corneas are not commercially available - only an Eye Donation from a deceased person can help restore the Sight of a Corneally Blind Person.

  • Dial Dr Indumati T Patel Eye Bank Soon after unfortunate death of your near & dear one.
  • Consent to donate the eyes of your close relative or friend.
  • Motivate family members of the person who has died in your area.
  • Spread information about eye donation. Your word of mouth will help the movement.
  • Make yourself a friend of Eye Bank.
  • Post operative complications or infections.
  • Donate eyes of your dearest.
  • Eye donation gives sight to two corneally blind persons.
  • All religions endorse the practice of eye donation..

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